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We are involved in many projects, highlighted below. Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Development
  • Tech Writing
  • Training


LAMINAS is the open source continuation of Zend Framework. ZF has now transitioned to the Linux Foundation. Read more here.

This website is powered by a micro framework called Mezzio (formerly Zend Expressive).

 About Us

unlikelysource.com  is a consortium of developers covering all aspects of web development from front to back. The three principal members are: Doug Bierer, Noona Jaroog and Scott Mincey.


Training is critical to the success of your applications. Have a look at the offerings from a new training organization PHP-CL (PHP Continuous Learning)..


Code examples really show you what we're all about. We have 39 public repositories on github.com with examples written over the years primarily focused on Zend Framework (now Laminas), PHP, MySQL and MongoDB.


Titles from O'Reilly include:

Learning Doctrine (video)

Learning MongoDB (video)

PHP and MySQL (video)


Fiction titles, written under the pseudonym Douglas Alan , from Lulu include:

The End, And Then?

Further Indications


Titles from Packt are listed below. The latest project is a book from Packt entitled Learning MongoDB 4, which is due to be published in the first quarter of 2020.

MongoDB 4 Quick Start (book)

PHP 7 Programming Cookbook (book)

PHP-7 Programming Solutions (video)


Under the stage name of ZelfĂ«  Doug played in the band Control which gave a number of unique performances in the early 1980s. He released a CD Contrasts in 1999. From the years 2005 to 2007 he played in five different jazz bands in the San Francisco Bay Area, and wrote Big Band music.


Created a Joomla extension the Simple Email Form which has proven to be quite popular. The project started in 2010, and is now in version 2.3. Andrew Caya has taken over as the principal maintainer.

 Climate Change

What we should all be talking about right now is climate change and Global Warming. I find it personally incredible that such an obvious issue is not being discussed in the mainstream media. Finally ... a good report on this in The Economist of all places!

The evidence staring us in the face: we read about it in the news every day, but it seems that very few people are willing to connect the dots and ask the simple question: what do the out-of-control wildfires in Australia, California, Greece and Sweden(!), have in common with extended hurricane seasons, and melting ice caps? Most climate scientists give us, i.e. the human race, eleven more years before this planet becomes uninhabitable for human life. The 1% know this pretty well. They're preparing their bunkers and private armies. Also ... why do you think several billionaires are all of sudden interested in getting into outer space and Mars? Question. Think. Act!!!

 Simple Things You Can Do

  • Don't kill insects needlessly:
    they've suffered a 40% die-off in the last 10 years. We need them!!!
  • Buy an electric car:
    they're cheaper to run and cost less to maintain ... something the dealers won't tell you!
  • Put up a few solar panels:
    save yourself a few bucks on electricity and help save the current state of our planet.
  • Drive more efficiently:
    if you're not in a position to buy an electric car, learn to drive more efficiently. This will reduce the amount of gas you consume, and save you money. Whenever you stomp on the gas, you are making money for rich, greedy oil company CEOs. Driving efficiently and you're saving money for yourself.
  • Put pressure on politicians to stop talking and take action.